9 Boy Bands That Can Fill The Void of One's Direction's Indefinite Hiatus

November 3, 2016

One Direction is on an indefinite hiatus. The Wanted parted ways. The Jonas Brothers went on to work on solo endeavors, Big Time Rush abruptly ended, and NSYNC pretty much refuses to ignite a comeback, much to our dismay. Are there any boy bands left out there?

Currently, the closest thing the "mainstream" music scene has to a "boy band" (shout out to the Backstreet Boys!) is 5 Seconds of Summer; of course, many argue that they're not a boy band at all but a pop-rock band. This is true, but definition-wise, they really are one.

Instead of frosted tips and matching outfits, as seen by the early-2000s design of boy bands, today's boy bands play guitars and wear skinny jeans. Choreographed dances are rare, but definitely still happen on occasion. So until One Direction's (hopefully eventual) comeback, perhaps some of these new boy bands could fill the void.

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