PopWrapped Exclusive: The Catching Premiere Album Track "Seventeen"

February 16, 2016

The USA is, and has been for many decades, bursting with musical talent, and now, hailing from New Jersey, quartet The Catching look set to join the ranks of those many bands and artists as they prepare to present their talent to the world.

The group formed in 2014 and have spent their time together since working tirelessly to hone their craft the only way they know how - by getting together, jamming and blending their creative styles and ideas.

Inspired by the likes of Green Day, Kings Of Leon and Fall Out Boy - all testament to their great taste - and with catchy guitar hooks, thumping drum rhythms and a polished, professional sound, The Catching will release release their debut album titled Teenage Fiction later this year.

The album brings together their love of pop, punk and indie, with songs that are anthemic, fun and downright enjoyable and it is PopWrapped's pleasure to premiere one of the tracks from the collection called "Seventeen." Asked about the song, singer, lead song-writer and bassist of the band Holden Glazer says:

Seventeen is about being a teenager in the 21st century. Growing up in the middle of this massive digital revolution has literally transformed the way we communicate. When writing the song, I was thinking about the impact technology has had on teenagers and how you can hide behind a cell phone and not feel accountable for your actions. I view the song as an ode to both the present and future generations and a call to communicate in person again. Thematically, it is what I consider the title track for the album, Teenage Fiction.

The track opens with a stomping drum and toe-tapping guitar rhythm (I dare you to try and resist thumping your foot on the floor!) while the lyrics, simple but able to get across a powerful message, are easy to learn and sure to be sung at full volume by the bands' fans when they next hit the road.

Give "Seventeen" a listen below and for more information on The Catching, visit their website and be sure to follow the band on Twitter and Instagram.

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