HuffPost Entertainment: The Catching's "Lighter" Exclusive

February 19, 2016

According to Holden Glazer, The Catching's frontman and bassist...

"Lighter is about an addiction. Not a substance addiction, but an addiction to a negative force in life. Something or someone that you keep going back to even though you know they are bad for you. In this case, I wanted to tell a story using the push and pull attraction of a relationship that I was in. I was always giving, but never receiving and yet I still forgave and forgot and it only got worse. I know others that have gone through the same experience and I felt like sharing that through a delicate rock ballad. When we were working on the songs for the album, the band members and I discussed writing a song that is piano driven, something we had yet to produce. One night after a show, we were hanging in our band practice room and Jake and I sat down at the piano and the chord progression kind of just came out while Jake riffed on the higher keys. It fit so well. We felt like we had already heard the song before it was complete."

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