Night & Day Magazine: Young Rockers set to debut 'Teenage Fiction'

April 8, 2016


While most teenagers are gearing up for summer, The Catching, a Jersey Shore-based band, is getting ready to debut their first album, "Teenage Fiction."


Holden Glazer and Jake Farbman were looking to gain traction as artists but were missing two bandmates.

"I always had little bands but I wanted to have something serious," said Glazer.

This decision led to the missing pieces: Drew Brendli and Evan Hemwall.

Being young has only aided in the processs. Glazer, still in high school, took a cue from his literature class to name the band.

Holden, being Glazer's first name and the main character in "The Catcher in the Rye," transformed The Catcher into The Catching.

"My dad helped with the name, and everyone agreed - it fits us so well," said Glazer.


The band is comprised of young teens but has the rèsumè of rock veterans, having performed multiple times at The Stone Pony, Brighton Bar and The Saint.

The Catching even won the Stone Pony's Rock to the Top competition over 60 bands.

"We love playing in Asbury, this is our home," said Glazer.


Traveling the country in preparation for their new album has the band ready to take on the big leagues.

Their stint in Nashville led to the creation and recording of 14 songs, 11 making the album.

Nashville sparked inspiration in Glazer, who wrote multiple songs after returning to New Jersey.

"Nashville has a lot of great music around it," added Glazer.

The band even flew to Los Angeles to shoot music videos for upcoming singles.

"We were walking around L.A. and people were coming up to us and asking who we were," said Glazer. "Together, we got a taste of what this life is like."


The band makeup automatically categorizes them as a boy band; Glazer insists the band defies those boundaries.

"We're not a boy band, but a band of boys. Young rockers who just want to create unique music," added Glazer.

When it comes to their fans, the demographic is local, but they are hoping to create a huge following.

"Our music isn't really out there yet. So our fans are small groups in places we play," said Glazer. "But that's a great way to gain traction."


"We wanted to create something our fans could relate to," said Glazer.

And their upcoming album is just that. The band did not label a track "Teenage Fiction," but it does have a cameo in their song "Seventeen."

"Kids hide behind their phones, and always think they're right. Which to me is a teenage fiction." said Glazer. "We still have so much to learn, myself included."

The band's debut album is set to release in June and they plan to play their favorite local bars soon after.

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