UM Interview: The Catching

July 11, 2016

New Jersey, Indie Rock band The Catching formed in 2014 but their story goes a couple years back. The band's members met each other when they were 10-year-olds, while performing together in local New Jersey music programs... and the the rest is history! Xochitl Hansen caught up with Holden Glazer to talk about the band's record 'Teenage Fiction', the music industry and pursuing a music career!

Xochitl Hansen: Before we kick off this interview, could you introduce yourself and your current "go to" jam at the moment?
Holden Glazer: Hello! I'm Holden from The Catching and my current go to jam is "Pay My Rent", by the band DNCE.

XH: You all started your music career young, how has growing up in the industry influenced you all?
HG: I'd say that it has taught us that hard work and preparation are essential in success, but even then there are some challenges that you may face. You really need to set yourself apart from others in the music business to be appealing.

XH: For being younger faces in the industry, everyone has shown a great level of polished mastery of their instruments, how'd that come about?
HG: Just years and years of playing whether it was cover songs in a local music school program or our earlier originals on stages around the Jersey Shore. We've worked hard at our craft together. Even though I would say we have become good at our instruments, there's still a lot of room to grow as musicians.

XH: What sets The Catching apart from others?
HG: We write our own songs, have our own sound, and are a band. There aren't a lot of pop bands out there. In terms of a sound, a lot of people that have listened to our album so far have said how each of the songs are different, but come together to make a cohesive sound. That's something we worked really hard at to obtain.

XH: You all had the opportunity to work with Grammy winning producer Skidd Mills, how was the experience?
HG: Incredible. Skidd is an extremely talented guy. We meshed really well with him. He knew exactly what we were going for and took our music in the direction it needed to go to go to the next level. I loved writing songs with him.

XH: How did you all come up with a name for your debut album 'Teenage Fiction'? Is there any certain meaning behind it?
HG: 'Teenage Fiction' came about when I was driving home in the car one day before we went to Nashville. I was thinking about all of the songs we had in mind and what my lyrical content was about. I found that what the songs had in common was that they were written from my 17 year old perspective, a young kid without much real life experience. I realized that I still have a lot to learn and that everything I say might as well be considered fiction in a weird way. It totally fit the album and I wouldn't be happier.

XH: When you were writing for your upcoming album, what was the process like?
HG: There were a couple of different stages of writing. We wrote a lot of the songs, around 40, at home in New Jersey, however around a third of the songs that made the record were written in Nashville. Writing at home was exciting because we were really looking forward to leaving for Nashville to record our album. When we were writing in Nashville the atmosphere was incredible so it was even more fun and exciting to write there. Skidd and I sat together just the two of us a couple of times and really broke down the songs. It was intense, but really cool.

XH: Is there anything you want fans to take away from the new record?
HG: It's really hard to give one message to a whole album, especially this one, however, I would say there are a couple common themes on the record that include the following; be yourself, follow your heart, and make mistakes because only that way will you know when you did it right.

XH: As a band, are there goals musically you want to achieve?
HG: We would love to be able to make a living making and playing our music. It's a lifelong dream of ours. We also really want to connect with people through our music because that gives it meaning unlike anything else.

XH: Were there any defining moments that made you realize this is a serious career path for you all?
HG: When we heard the album for the first time back, we felt really good about it. We really felt like this could get out there and do something great.

XH: Is there anything personally that's driven you to get to where you are today?
HG: Just my love for my passion that is music and songwriting. It's a giant part of who I am and drives me every single day.

XH: After the release of 'Teenage Fiction', what's next for The Catching?
HG: Right now we are working on getting on a tour as well as a plan for marketing the music. The album has no official release date, but once it's out we hope it gets out there and that it'll make an impact. We are going to keep honing our craft by playing life and writing as many songs as possible.

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