Celeb Secrets Music Monday: Meet The Catching

July 25, 2016

Happy Monday, dear readers!

Meet our newest Music Monday artist this week - The Catching.

From the grounds of New Jersey, power-pop rock band The Catching are making it known that good music is a dying breed, but not an extinct one.

Drawing inspiration from iconic musicians such as Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and Coldplay, their music contains crisp, intricate notes with a hard hitting backbeat and killer guitar licks. The four members - Holden Glazer (vocalist/bassist), Evan Hemwall (guitarist), Jake Farbman (guitarist), and Drew Stevens (percussionist) - first came together in 2014 when they were only 10-years-old. After realizing they all had the same vision in mind, they began to create original music and the rest is history. The band was initially named Strong Soul before changing it to the name it is today.

Celeb Secrets recently caught up with the band to talk about their upcoming album TEENAGE FICTION, working with producer Skidd Mills, what it was like starting off at such a young age, their future plans, and more! Check out the exclusive Q&A below!

Their debut album TEENAGE FICTION will be dropping this spring/summer followed by their first ever national tour. For more information on The Catching, check out their official site:

Celeb Secrets: Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

The Catching: "We all grew up listening to classic rock and early/mid 2000's pop rock so it spans from bands like U2 or The Beatles to Fall Out Boy and Kings of Leon. It's cool because in a way our sound pays homage to those artists we listened to (and still listen to)."

Celeb Secrets: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't listened to you?

The Catching: "Modern Pop Rock is probably the simplest way to put it. Our sound is very much our own, but it can be placed into genres like pop or rock."

Celeb Secrets: You all met when you were 10 years old, can you describe some of the hardest and most humbling experiences you have had as a group growing up together and getting where you are today?

The Catching: "We've been through a lot together. We are best friends and band mates which makes everything so much better. We are also very fortunate to get along well (yes, we mess with each other a lot, but in a funny joking way) as well as the fact that we haven't had to go through many distinguishable hardships yet. I'd say growing up in a band definitely took a little bit away from our social lives away but not really. That's the worst of it. We feel very grateful when we get complemented on our music. We've worked really hard to get where we are. In terms of humbling experiences, we have hosted a cancer benefit concert 3 years in a row known as Mya's Warrior Jam and have raised over $45,000 for pediatric cancer. It's humbling to know we can give back with what we love."

Celeb Secrets: What are your plans for the next year?

The Catching: "We are gonna drop our album and tour as much as possible, get our name out there, build a following, and hopefully blow up. We feel good and confident and other people do too."

Celeb Secrets: What was it like to record at Blackbird Studios with producer Skidd Mills?

The Catching: "Amazing! Skidd is a great guy and very cool to work with. I wrote a lot with him and we connected very well which is super important when making music. He has a crazy knowledge of production and studio tools so it was an easy process with him in there. We got everything we wanted and more."

Celeb Secrets: What makes The Catching different from other bands like 5 Seconds of Summer?

The Catching: "We write our own music and also have developed a sound and ourselves on our own. We also have a little bit more of a rock edge than them."

Celeb Secrets: Do you have a goal as a band?

The Catching: "If we can make a successful living doing what we love than everything else is just extra and awesome!"

Celeb Secrets: Do you have a favorite show you have completed? Why was it so special to you?

The Catching: "Yes! We are currently on a tour called the Camplified Tour which brings artists to sleep away and day summer camps. We just played a show at an all girls sleep away camp called Danbee and the crowd was amazing. They LOVED us. We made friends and gained a lot of fans and that's all you could ever want from a show."

Celeb Secrets: You played a show with Phillip Phillips. How was it?

The Catching: "Lots of fun! We played after his set on the inside stage of The Stone Pony, but he told everyone outside to check us out which was cool. Also, some of his fans were digging us so that's something we always appreciate."

Celeb Secrets: Since we are Celeb Secrets, can you share secrets about yourselves (hidden talents/fun facts) that people would not know about you?

The Catching: "I was born 11 weeks early at only 2 pounds! You wouldn't be able to tell now for sure. Evan can do handstand push-ups! It's actually crazy and really hard. Don't try it at home, kids!"

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